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Colin Nicholas, PhD (ABD)


Phone: +1 (863) 658-2966

Colin Nicholas is an educator who specializes in Community Health and Leadership with emphasis on the social and behavioral sciences. He is also an entrepreneur who has worked directly with employers, employees and other key stakeholders in the oil and gas industry.  

As an educator, Mr. Nicholas has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at universities in the United States and Belize, Central America.  He has participated in numerous leadership conferences internationally in venues including Germany, United States, Central America, and Latin America. As an independent contractor, he has developed workplace policies for employers, conducted numerous workshops aimed at empowering and motivating employees and has provided consultancies in such areas as Total Quality Management (TQM) and Continuous Quality Improvement, Fair Employment Practices, Conducting Employee Performance Appraisals, Managing Cultural Diversity in the workplace and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

‚ÄčAs an entrepreneur, Mr. Nicholas has successfully negotiated contracts with employers in the oil and gas industry and has recruited and trained management staff to work collaboratively with their employees, while promoting a safe and healthy work environment and positive community relations.

Mr. Nicholas has an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Science, Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health Education, Master of Science Degree in Health Administration and PhD (ABD) in Public Health with a specialization in Community Health. Additionally, he has done advanced studies in Psychology and Sociology and completed a certificate program in Human Resources Recruiting and Staffing Practices at the Management Institute at New York University (NYU).  He also completed a certificate program in Life skills Education at Columbia University and has studied Task and Performance Analysis at the doctoral level.

Mr. Nicholas resides in Florida where he enjoys the warm weather with his family and plays basketball and mentors his son.